Continuous monitoring of CO2 in production greenhouses

Greenhouses and other types of indoor grow rooms provide a structure for growing plants in a controlled environment. To create favourable growing conditions, reliable heating, cooling and ventilation systems must be used. If these systems are not maintained or are not properly monitored they may cause serious hazards to human health and may result in the destruction of property.

Heating may be supplied be supplied by sunlight, natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil, wood or electricity. Gas powered equipment produces carbon monoxide.

CO2 enrichment in greenhouses allows crops reach their full growth, development and yield potential. Enriching the air with CO2 can be done by means of the combustion of natural gas or using cylinders of liquefied compressed gas or a carbon dioxide generator. CO2 displaces oxygen and if a leak occurs or inadequate, faulty ventilation exists, it could cause an asphyxiation hazard. 

Image: Typical Greenhouse CO2 Monitoring System



  • Two CO2 gas detector systems both in the growing area one mounted 6-7 ft / 72-84 in for plant health and another mounted at 30-46 cm/ 12-18 in for life safety monitoring, covers approximately 3,000 ft2 / 288 m2​
  • CO2 gas detector in Carbon dioxide cylinder storage room is for life safety purposes (not required if supply of CO2 is outside)​
  • Gas detection system controls the CO2 flow and triggers the ventilation system


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)​
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Natural Gas / Methane (CH4) or Propane (C3H8)


Monitoring Ethylene and CO in Greenhouses

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Monitoring CO2, CO and Combustible Gas in Greenhouses
FCS Multi Channel Controller
CGAS-D Digital Transmitter
CGAS-A Analog Transmitter
cGas-SC Self Contained Controller
CXT2 Explosion Proof Transmitter
Remote Strobes and Horns



CET gas detection systems are fully set up, programmed, calibrated and tested prior to being shipped from the factory. The gas detection system is ready to install and operate upon arrival, after a brief warm-up.