Calibration Kits

The complete Calibration Kit contains the items necessary for common field and shop calibration. Smaller kits are available if not all items are required.

Choose the calibration kit that gives you the tools you need for calibration


  • Any location or environment in which you need to calibrate a gas detector/sensor
  • and many more...

Key Features

  • Easy access and transport of the tools required for calibration
  • Fittings and adapters accommodate different sized gas cylinders
  • Industry standard calibration adapter plug fits all internal sensors
  • Weather resistant carrying case (complete Calibration Kit only)
  • Calibration gas cylinders are sold separately and cannot be shipped outside of Canada


The complete Calibration Kit comes in a durable, hard plastic carrying case and contains the items necessary for common field and shop calibration. If not all items are required, choose a smaller kit with the items you do need.

Cylinders of zero air or calibration span gas are not included; these must be ordered separately. CET offers a range of gas types and concentrations in 17 L, 58 L and 100 L sizes. However, gas cylinders cannot be shipped from Canada to other countries, including the USA. Contact CET or our Customer Support Team at for more information.

NOTE: These calibration items are not suitable for use with the YES AIR or YES Plus LGA.

Included in the complete Calibration Kit
1. Regulator
For fixed flow @0.5 LPM for 34 L, 58 L, 74 L, 100 L cylinders
2. Teflon Lined Tubing
Teflon lined, non-absorbent tubing, (2 ft / 61 cm, 3/16” ID, 5/16” OD) for calibrating sticky gases
3. Calibration Adapter Plug
Adapter plug with O-ring and two zeroing port plugs (adapter plug fits industry standard internal sensor vents). One length (2ft / 61 cm, 1/16” ID, 5/16” OD) of standard tubing comes attached to the calibration adapter plug when the complete Calibration Kit is purchased
4. Potentiometer Adjustment Tool
Potentiometer screwdriver with an inset and protruding end for adjusting resistors
5. Magnetic Wand
For non-intrusive calibration and menu navigation, 2 5/8” x 1/4” hexagon, works with the LPT-A, LPT-B, LPT-M, LPT-P, CXT2 and the SCC and DCC
6. Brass Fittings
Fitting to convert fixed flow regulator, for use on 15 L and 17 L cylinders
7. Calibration Adapter
For use with the CXT2 Explosion Proof transmitter, comes attached to standard tubing when the complete Calibration Kit is purchased
8. Extraction Tool
Sensor extracting tool for replacing used catalytic and solid state refrigerant sensors
9. Sponge
Spare humidification sponge
10. Hard Case
Durable, hard plastic carrying case with handle
11. Humidification Chamber
For calibrating solid state refrigerant and TVOCs sensors, shown with standard gas flow tubing
12. Cal Clip
For hands free calibration on devices with a splash guard (factory installed Option -S)
Product Codes
The Calibration Kit contains a fixed flow regulator @0.5 LPM for 34, 58, 74 and 100 litre cylinders, calibration adapter plug with O-ring and zeroing port plugs, humidification chamber and extra sponge, brass fitting converter for 15 and 17 litre cylinders, calibration adapter cups for splash guard and remote ESH sensors, Cal Clip for hands free calibration with splash guard, magnetic wand, potentiometer adjuster tool, sensor extracting tool, carrying case.
The CET Fixed Products Calibration Kit contains 2 calibration adapter plugs with O-ring and zeroing port plugs, a hands free calibration clip and a potentiometer adjuster tool.
The SS Refrigeration TVOC Calibration Kit contains a sensor extracting tool, a humidification chamber with sponge for calibrating solid state refrigerant and TVOCs sensors, plus an extra sponge.
The Fixed Flow Regulator Kit contains the regulator fixed flow @0.5 LPM for 34, 58, 74 and 100 litre cylinders, male thread and an adapter with a brass fitting that threads onto regulator to accommodate 15 and 17 litre cylinders, standard gas flow tubing
Calibration clip (Cal Clip) for hands free calibration for devices with a splash guard 
Calibration adapter for CXT2 Explosion Proof Transmitter, does not come with tubing
Magnetic wand for non-intrusive calibration (2 5/8” x 1/4” hexagon) for use with the LPT-A, LPT-B, LPT-M, LPT-P, CXT2 and the SCC and DCC.
Standard gas flow tubing, yellow, 3/16” ID / 5/16” OD, roll of 25 ft / 7.6 m
Teflon lined gas flow tubing, 3/16” ID / 5/16” OD, special nonabsorbent for calibrating sticky gases, roll of 25 ft / 7.6 m

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