Certificate of Sensor Calibration

Provides detailed sensor calibration information

A Certificate of Sensor Calibration is available for customers who require detailed calibration information


  • Fixed systems
  • and many more...


The Certificate of Sensor Calibration verifies that all commercial and industrial gas detection systems, designed and manufactured by CETCI are thoroughly tested and factory calibrated (twice) prior to being shipped to any customer. The certificate includes factory calibration date, customer/job name and address, model numbers, serial numbers, type of gas being detected along with the sensor range and default alarm settings.

The certificate costs $25 (in the currency of the invoice) and if required, should be ordered at time of placing the product order.

11" x 8.5" (letter size) paper
Product Code
Certificate of Sensor Calibration with model and serial numbers, type of gas, range and default alarm levels, requires Job Name