Provides detailed sensor calibration information
Clips around the circular, black splash guard that is factory installed at the time of order on any CETCI black enclosure gas detectors or self-contained Controllers
An emergency stop, push button switch that allows a person to manually shutdown equipment in the event of an emergency
Handheld sampling probe to attach to the YES Plus LGA for sampling areas that are difficult to reach
Handheld sampling probe to attach to the YESAIR for sampling areas that are difficult to reach
Proprietary data logging management software program developed by CETCI for use with the YESAIR and YES Plus LGA IAQ monitors
A package of items required to save, retrieve and review data logged by the YESAIR or Yes Plus LGA IAQ monitors
A heavy duty metal protective guard that is installed in front of the gas detection equipment
A high powered, red LED flashing beacon that is factory installed at time of order and offers excellent flash intensity, durable vibration resistant construction and a long life
The Calibration Kit contains the items necessary for common field and shop calibration
Cylinders of zero air and span gas for calibration
A special probe assembly that attaches to a gas detector and is mounted on the return air duct of a ventilation system to measure the concentration levels of a target gas passing through the duct
Protects sensor from water, dust and dirt; factory installed over the sensor vent, IP54 rating
Use for initiating calibration and accessing menu options and programming functions of several CETCI gas detectors without having to open the enclosure