Looking to learn something new or to refresh your knowledge? With more people working from home, we need to find ways to stay in touch, engaged and on track. Thankfully we have the technology that enables us to join together and continue learning. To participate in a webinar you will require a computer/ laptop or mobile device, a compatible web browser, fast internet connection and audio conferencing capabilities either through microphone or calling in. Our webinars are presented using GoToWebinar.


Technical Training Webinars

Our Technical Training Webinars are presented by Fikret Edip, our Service Training Coordinator. These webinars offer the opportunity to receive and discuss information in real time with the ability to see, hear and follow along in an interactive presentation. Webinar topics and scheduling vary and may be tailored to specific requests.


Fundamentals of Gas Detection Webinar for Engineering Consultants

We developed the Fundamentals of Gas Detection Webinar primarily for the Consulting Engineering community, however anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. The webinar runs for one hour and it is a generic presentation on the what, how and why of gas detection. It is not product or manufacturer centered. The objective is to help attendees better understand the basics of gas detection to make specifying easier. 

This presentation is approved by the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE) as compliant with New York State’s Mandatory Continuing Education requirements for Professional Engineers for 1.0 PDH which may be applicable in your area. 


CET Gas Detection Products Webinar

The CET Gas Detection Products Webinar takes you through our products, describing the features and functionality of our System Controllers, Self Contained Controllers, Transmitters, Peripheral Devices, etc. The webinar runs for 45 minutes and is presented by different members of our Sales Team. 


Coming Soon: Gas Detection Applications Webinar

A look at the different types of applications that require gas detection such as enclosed parking facilities, wineries, recreation facilities, distribution warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, greenhouses and more.


To learn more or to find out when the next webinar is taking place, please contact:

Fikret Edip, Service Training Coordinator