April 25, 2022 

This notification from Critical Environment Technologies (CET) serves to inform you of the new model of our explosion proof transmitter that is replacing the current CXT Explosion Proof Transmitter, the CXT2. The changeover to the CXT2 will occur as inventory on hand of the CXT diminishes to none.


CXT2 Product Features

NOTE: italics indicate enhancements/new features

  • Single channel gas detector that reliable and accurately monitors all the same target gases with electrochemical, IR, catalytic and PID sensor types.

  • For use in potentially explosive and harsh environments including classified hazardous rated areas. Certifications: CSA certified for Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2 locations

  • Internal or remote sensor configuration with remote sensor mount up to 4,000 ft / 1,219 m

  • Generation 2 smart sensors compatible for increased signal stability

  • Programmable relays, sensor life indication, more user friendly

  • Backlit LCD changes colour with channel / alarm status, can be seen from a distance

  • Modbus® RS-485 output to Controller (CXT2-D models)

  • 4-20 mA analog output to Controller (CXT2-A and CXT2-D models)

  • Arctic Heater option (-AH) for cold environment applications

  • Displays values in bar graphs or 30-minute onboard data trends

  • Magnetic keypad menu navigation for non-intrusive calibration


TABLE 1: CXT to CXT2 Equivalency Table







NOTE: XXX represents the gas code


Reason for New Product: 

CET is committed to providing class leading products to our customers by offering better gas detection solutions that are technologically cutting edge, easy to calibrate, configure and maintain.


Backwards Compatibility with the FCS Multi Channel System Controller: 

All analog models of the CXT2-A are backwards compatible with the FCS, with no need of firmware or configuration changes.

Existing FCS systems in the field will need updated firmware (v1.51-1.49 or later) if:

  • A CXT-D is to be replaced with a CXT2-D

  • A CXT-D is to be added to the system

For both scenarios, the FCS configuration parameters will need to be changed to recognize the CXT2-D (COMM Type changed to CXT2 and Sensor No. to 1)

New FCS systems orders will be programmed in the factory and shipped with the firmware and configuration parameters for the CXT2-D whether a CXT2-D is part of the system or not.


Please contact our Technical Support Team at if you have questions or need further assistance. To request a quote or place an order, please contact our Customer Support Team at

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