May 25, 2022 

This notification from Critical Environment Technologies (CET) is to inform you of the improvement modifications made to the CGAS-AP and CGAS-DP Public Spaces gas detector and the possible impact on replacement parts and warranty for models sold prior to the improvements.



The enclosure has been redesigned:

  • Sleeker with pleasant lines and textures, perfect for blending in like an accessory in publicly occupied spaces
  • Easily removed front cover allows access to sensors for calibration, replacing smart sensor boards and configuration changes
  • Integrated calibration slide adapter accommodates our standard calibration adapter plug
  • Relocation of the vents to the bottom of the device, keeps them hidden but allows for unobstructed gas diffusion
  • More robust hinge assembly allows the interior board system to swing out to the left providing full access to the wiring terminal, push buttons and smart sensor boards

The main PCA board is the same board used in the CGAS commercial black enclosure:

  • Relocation and increased size of the push buttons makes them easier to access and use
  • Maintains familiarity between devices for ease of use and serviceability


Reasons for Improvements

CET is committed to providing class leading products to our customers by engineering better gas detection solutions, which includes aesthetically pleasing and professional looking devices that are easy to calibrate, configure and maintain.


Replacement Parts and Warranty for Models Sold Prior to the Improvements:

The improvements made to the enclosure, main board and hinged assembly are not backwards compatible with the prior model. In addition, the components required to build the prior model include multiple types of gas sensor shrouds and a base calibration shroud and these items are not used in the new model. As a result, we cannot continue manufacturing replacement parts for the old model.


  • The only replacement part we can supply is the same smart sensor board and only if all original shrouds are still present in the device in the field. If any internal components are missing, the improved model will have to be purchased.
  • We cannot supply replacement main boards, shrouds or enclosures, the improved model will have to be purchased.
  • Devices under warranty will be replaced with the improved model as per our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Please contact our Technical Support Team at if you have questions or need further assistance. To request a quote or place an order, please contact our Customer Support Team at

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