YES Plus LGA Sampling Probe

Handheld sampling probe to attach to the YES Plus LGA for sampling areas that are difficult to reach

Attach the plastic connector at the end of the tubing to the nozzle of the YES Plus LGA and use the wand to reach closer to the sampling area


  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Research Facilities
  • and many more...

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Probe with a 25.4 cm / 10 inch wand
  • 76.2 cm / 30 inch sample hose
  • Allows sample air to be taken from hard to reach areas


In order to be able to use the YES Plus LGA in difficult to reach areas, a handheld sampling probe is available. The probe is attached to a 25.4 cm / 10 inch wand which is attached to 76.2 cm / 30 inch of tubing that fits onto the nozzle of the YES Plus LGA and allows you to reach into and sample areas that are difficult to access.

Note: The sampling probe for the YESAIR is very similar to the sampling probe for the YES Plus LGA. The YES Plus LGA sampling probe has a plastic connector. Each sampling probe is specific to its device (the probe for the YES AIR will not fit on the YES Plus LGA and vice versa).

Product Codes
Handheld probe with 10” wand & 30” sample hose, plastic connector, for YES Plus LGA

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