Sun Shade

Mount above the Controller to shade the display from the glare of the sun or use to protect instrument from rain and snow

Improves readability of display in sunny locations and provides protection from rain and snow


  • Outdoor use
  • and many more...

Key Features

  • Reduces glare on the display
  • Provides protection from rain and snow
  • Easily pivots to cover all angles
  • Easy to install


The Sun Shade was designed to provide shade and reduce glare on the display of any CETCI gas detection system device, ensuring readability in sunny locations. It may also be used as a rain and snow shield or provide additional protection in applications where there is a lot of dust, dirt or debris that falls and settles on surfaces. The Sun Shade should be mounted to the wall over top of the device. Once installed, the shield can be pivoted to the preferred angle and changed whenever needed.

Black carbon fibre reinforced nylon
30 cm / 11.8 in span width
272 g / 9.6 oz
Operating Temperature
Heat resistant to 167°C (332°F)
Product Codes
Sun shade, rain or snow cover, black carbon fibre reinforced nylon, wall mount, hardware not included

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