Just in time for sunny summer weather!

The outside environment can pose viewing challenges, especially on sunny days when the sun causes glare. The Sun Shade provides shade and reduces glare on the display of any CETCI gas detection system device, ensuring readability in sunny locations.

Not just a fair weather device, it may also be used as a rain and snow shield or provide additional protection in applications where there is a lot of dust, dirt or debris that falls and settles on surfaces. While intended for use with gas detection devices, the Sun Shade can be used to protect other instruments such as exterior cameras.

The Sun Shade should be mounted to the wall over top of the device. Once installed, the shield can be pivoted to the preferred angle and changed whenever needed.

The Sun Shade is made of black carbon fibre reinforced nylon. It has survived aggressive testing to ensure it's strength and durability, surviving being thrown down a flight of stairs numerous times and dropped several times from a two storey window onto the concrete below.

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