Delta, British Columbia, Canada – Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is pleased to tell you about the DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System for MRI room applications in hospitals and clinics. The DCC-MRI replaces our GEM-MRI, offering technological and functional improvements over its predecessor.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment is cooled by compressed gas. Compressed gas, if it leaks will displace Oxygen, creating the potential for an oxygen deficient or hazardous atmosphere. To meet general health and safety protocols, Oxygen monitoring devices are required to be present in MRI rooms. However, due to the strong magnetic field inside the MRI room, electronic equipment tends to not operate properly when mounted inside the room. The DCC-MRI system is designed to be installed on the wall outside of the MRI room with a flexible, sample line running from the inlet port fitting to the sampled environment. The factory tested maximum length of line is 15.24 m (50 ft). The DCC-MRI constantly monitors the target air area and indicates real time Oxygen levels on the LCD display.

The system is designed with an internal flow detector, sample draw pump, adjustable flow meter and an internal LPT-A Analog Transmitter that houses an integral Oxygen sensor. The measurement range of the sensor is 0 to 25.0% volume Oxygen. The alarm is factory configured to a descending alarm set point of 19.5% vol to alert if there is a deficiency of oxygen in the target air area.



Features include two 4 - 20 mA outputs, one alarm level line voltage relay with field configurable time delays and trigger levels, a blocked flow alarm indicating a dirty filter or clogged tubing, a side mounted audible buzzer, an LCD digital display with LED indicators for channel alarm status and fault conditions and a door mounted Silence push button.

The DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System is designed to accurately measure to government established exposure levels for Oxygen deficiency for health and safety.

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