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March 2018

In This Issue...

- Introducing the FCS-8

- How to Bump Test Ammonia Sensors

- Ammonia Gas Detection Systems FAQ

- Facts about Ammonia

Introducing the FCS-8

The FCS-8 is an eight channel FCS Flexible Control System with 4 internal relays, full colour resistive touch screen, LEDs, enhanced logic control, zoning / priority capabilities and has the same optional value added features as the FCS 128 channel system. Datasheet

How to Bump Test Ammonia Sensors

Bump testing involves flowing a concentration of gas that is slightly higher than the low alarm setpoint of the gas detector for a short period of time. At what concentration? For how long? How often? What if it fails? Tell me more.

Ammonia Gas Detection Systems FAQ

Where might hazardous levels of ammonia occur? What ammonia gas detectors are available from CETCI? What height should an ammonia gas detector be mounted? How often should an ammonia gas detector be calibrated? What is the lifespan of an ammonia gas detector? Find answers.

Facts About Ammonia

Fact: Ammonia can be fatal after a few breaths.

Fact: Equipment failure is a potential cause of leaks.

Fact: Long term exposure does not help you develop a tolerance, it will only weaken your ability to smell its pungent odour.

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Ammonia Calibration System Datasheet

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