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April 2019

In This Issue...

- Vote for CETCI!

- Did you hear? We have a New Product Line!

- Check out our selection of Horns and Strobes

- Natural Gas Detection in Forced Air Central Heating

Vote for CETCI!

We have entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition and need your votes to help us win! You can cast a vote every 24 hours until May 13. Why did we enter? If chosen as a winner we would put the money towards improving our 3D printing technology. In-house 3D printers have had a significant impact on lead time and cost of buying prototypes and parts from other companies. More advanced technology would enable us to improve our existing products and design new products in a timelier manner and pass the cost savings on to you!


Did you hear? We have a New Product Line!

Earlier this month we announced the release of the cGas Detector product line. This one or two gas channel digital transmitter offers user selectable Modbus or BACnet output in the field, easy Plug & Play Smart sensor replacement, all the standard gas sensors including CO2, a simple menu structure and optional value added features such as RH & Temperature sensor, low temperature package and splash guard protection.


Sound the Alarm! Check out our selection of Strobes & Horns!

Strobes, horns and combo alarm devices are safety devices that offer a visual and/or audible warning to occupants in the area nearby. Check out our selection of alarm devices.


Continuous monitoring of natural gas and CO in forced air central heating systems

Natural gas is a flammable gas that is commonly used in building heating systems such as schools, universities and dormitories. Using a methane gas detector in the boiler room to monitor for natural gas leaks will reduce the amount of wasted fuel should a leak occur and reduce the likelihood of an explosion that could cause loss of life and structural damage.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a Sun Shade!

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie!

If you haven't already heard, you will hear a new voice answering the phones when you call into the office. We are pleased to introduce Stephanie Bourdeaudhuy who joins our CETCI Team in the following facets - Reception, Accounting and Service Coordinator. Stephanie brings over 20 years experience in admin, accounting and customer service and is highly organized and detail oriented. For fun, she likes to travel, cook and is an avid hockey and NFL football fan.

cGas Detector Info

Digital Transmitter Datasheet
CO2 Transmitter Datasheet


May 13 - 16 RFABC Conference in Harrison Hot Springs


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