Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is a known industry leader and innovator for the indoor air quality (IAQ) market. Their two best selling portable IAQ instruments are the YESAIR and YES Plus LGA.

Both IAQ instruments are portable, multi-channel monitors featuring thirty different internal plug and play sensors to select from and a remote particulate sensor that...

How can you improve the IAQ around you?
Now that you have an understanding about the air that you’re breathing, you can take can control and improve your IAQ.
Here are some preventatives that you can do to minimize your health risk:

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and
Building Related Illness (BRI)

Long term exposure to VOC contributes to SBS and BRI. Based on the US Environmental Protection Agency (1991), SBS and BRI are compared in Table 3 below:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Chemicals that emit gas are called VOC. Another common term, Total VOC (TVOC) is a combined variety of organic chemicals that emit gas. They are measured in micrograms per meter cubed (µg/m3) of air, parts per million (ppm), or parts per billion (ppb). Most buildings will have TVOC levels ranging from 100-500 µg/m3...

How concerned are you about your health? Have you ever tried to lose weight, eat healthy, and be active in order to prevent or eliminate any health risks? If so, you’ve left out one critical factor, AIR. Yes, you read it right; it’s the air that you breathe. All these factors contribute to your health and wellbeing. In order to be healthy, you need take control to eliminate or...

Protect your transmitters with CETCI’s metal protective guard.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) manufactured a heavy duty metal protective guard to help protect against abrasive damage, theft and vandalism to the transmitters. This is an added preventative in


If you work in a strata warehouse with offices in the front and manufacturing and / or service work taking place in the rear, you may be exposing yourself to harmful gases and vapours without realizing it.

Think about it.

You spend 6 to 8 hours of your day at work and chances are you have minimal ventilation at best. Poor indoor air quality can cause...

Compiled by Mirza E. Baig (Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc)
Indoor Air Pollutants Vs Asthma & Allergies