Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) has doubled its manufacturing and office space to approximately 11,000 square feet as of December 1, 2010.

The service department and production department for portable IAQ instruments have moved into the new additional space. Meanwhile, production department for fixed gas detectors has utilized the space vacated by the portables and service departments in the current plant. Lean manufacturing process principles will continue to be executed as it is one of the basis of CETCI’s success.

The expansion has allowed CETCI to hire more staff in various departments to help increase overall productivity. Despite the recession, CETCI has steadily continued to grow and hire year after year. Just in the past four months alone, CETCI has hired five new employees to join their team. 2011 is no exception. CETCI plans to continue to hire more staff in the coming months to assist in the various departments, production specifically. This plant-wide expansion has and will create several new jobs locally.

With additional staff, CETCI will be able to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction by meeting their customer’s expectations in technology, innovation, support and service.

In addition to expanding plant facility, CETCI has undertaken some energy savings initiative that will reduce electricity consumption. All lighting fixtures and bulbs in all occupied spaces have been replaced with more energy efficient ones.