CETCI gas detection systems are built to last, but there comes a time you should seriously consider upgrading to a new FCS system 

Legacy systems eventually lead to issues like increased maintenance costs, unavailable replacement parts , process malfunctions and the inability to expand or grow to accommodate changes in application requirements. We have exhausted our inventory of replacement circuit boards, housings and other hardware to support PDC systems in the field and we no longer have inventory of AST or DST transmitters to swap in for sensing equipment that is no longer working. 

If your system fails you may find yourself scrambling to replace it. Why not be proactive and prepared?

Let's talk about your solution - the options and benefits of replacing your legacy gas detection system with an FCS Flexible Control System.


Reasons to Upgrade:

  • Reduce probability of equipment failure.
  • Enjoy new technology, large, full colour LCD resistive touch screen, easier operation, less maintenance, data logging.
  • Create complex zoning using up to 64 priorities for channels, relays, strobes and horns and internal buzzer with logic controls for Gas Concentration, Calibration Expired Date, Time of Day Control, Title-24 Occupied.
  • Installation is easy. You can use the existing wiring. Connect analog and/or digital transmitters.
  • For CO/NO2 applications reduce the number of existing transmitters by 50% using the dual channel CGAS-D-CO-NO2 gas detector.
  • Communicate with a BAS/DDC with BACnet or Modbus output.
  • Peace of mind.

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Every FCS System comes with our market-leading 2-year warranty from the date of purchase and is fully supported by our Technical Support Team. We will custom configure the FCS System according to instructions you provide at time of order, making it ready to install upon delivery. If you would like a clearer picture on how long it would take, how much it would cost, etc. Contact Us








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