Unobtrusive monitoring of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, particulates, air conditioning refrigerants, TVOCs, RH & Temperature

Poor indoor air quality can decrease one’s performance and ability to concentrate, trigger existing health issues like asthma and allergies and increase the risk of developing long term health issues from prolonged exposure. Fine particulate matter, off gassing from carpets and furniture, people breathing, combustion from a heating source, too high or too low relative humidity levels and high temperatures all contribute to the quality of indoor air. Poor air quality can go unnoticed if it is not being monitored as many of the contributing factors are not visible and have no odour.

A CGAS Public Spaces gas detector system:

  • Provides early detection of unhealthy levels of indoor air quality
  • Triggers the ventilation system to purge old air and bring in fresh air
  • Ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor air experience for occupants




Designed for use in publicly occupied spaces where:

  • Integrated demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is used for air quality and energy savings.
  • Continuous monitoring of refrigerants in high-efficiency, high volume refrigerant cooling and heating systems (VRF) are used to keep the indoor environment comfortable. Ideal for both vertical terminal air conditioner (VTAC) systems and packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) applications.
Office Buildings
Indoor Arenas


  • One 4-20 mA analog output or field configurable Modbus® RTU RS-485 or BACnet® MS/TP RS-485 digital output signal to a BAS or DDC
  • Easy Plug & Play Smart sensor replacement, pre-calibrated ready to install
  • Particulate Sensor available with user configurable settings of 1PM, 2.5 PM or 10PM
  • Unobtrusive, stylish design
  • USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Certifications: CSA, UL, FCC, Listed by BTL


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