NEW Product! New Look! More Value!

January 23, 2019, Delta, British Columbia, Canada – Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI), a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems, is excited to announce the launch of our cGas Detector product line. 

Smart. Flexible. Economical.

The new cGas Detector line offers greater flexibility at a lower cost with customized sensor combinations and specialized options for adding only the functionality you need. Pre-calibrated sensors with true Plug & Play Smart Sensor technology makes replacing sensors quick and easy. It offers one or two channel operation and analog or digital output with user in the field selectable BACnet® or Modbus® communication output. Choose from our standard black enclosure or the new low profile, aesthetically pleasing enclosure for areas where less noticeability/blending in is preferred. 

Simple. Reliable. Versatile.

The cGas Detector is designed for continuous monitoring of a long list of gases in many commercial and light industrial applications such as: refrigerants in occupied spaces like hotel rooms with VRF/VRV systems; compressed CO2 in storage rooms or space CO2 in greenhouses or other occupied spaces such as schools, retirement homes and theatres where integrated demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is used for air quality and energy savings; Cl2, O3 and NO2 in recreational facilities; CO and NO2 in car parks; O2 in hospitals, and many more!


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