Remote Industrial Horn

    Key Features

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    Corrosion resistant finish
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    Volume adjustable
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    Low current, high decibel
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    Comes completely assembled
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    Projects only 2” (51 mm) from mounting surface

The Remote Industrial Horn is a low-current, high decibel, surface mount, vibrating horn for heavy-duty, indoor use. Comes with mounting plate for easy installation.

The volume is adjustable with an output range of 88 to 113 dB at 1 m (78 to 103 dB at 10 ft). Ideal for industrial, commercial and institutional applications for timing, paging and alarm signalling, including equipment malfunction alert and security warning.



Enclosure: Heavy duty die-cast housing
Weight: 1.18 kg (2.6 lbs)
Size: 5” x 5” x 2.125” (127 mm x 127 mm x 54 mm)


Power Requirement: 120 V AC
Current Draw: 0.13 A     
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
VA: 15.6
Operating Range: -20% to +10% of nominal voltage
DC Coil Res: 150 Ohms

Input / Output

Siren Output 88 to 113 dB at 1 m (78 to 103 dB at 10 ft)


Maximum Off State Leakage Current = 0.025 A

Continuous On Current = 0.120 A

Surge (Inrush/Duration) = 1.02 A / .000026 sec

User Interface



UL and FM approved

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Surface mount Industrial Horn, rated 78 to 103 dB @ 10 ft, includes mounting bracket  HORN 120V

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