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June 2017

In This Issue...

- The FCS Now Complies with California Title-24

- NEW! CETCI Hands Free Calibration Clip

- Calibration: What Items do I Need?

- Refrigeration: Solid State vs Infrared Sensors

The FCS now complies with California Title-24

Title-24 is the California Building Standards Code that contains the regulations governing the general building design and construction requirements relating to fire, life safety, structural safety and access compliance. Gas detection systems are life safety devices and must comply with certain standards of operation in specific applications.

NEW! CETCI Hands Free Calibration Clip

CETCI Gas detectors with a splash guard can now be calibrated hands free! The Cal Clip was designed by our engineers and is 3D printed in-house. It easily clips over the splash guard and remains in place by itself during the calibration procedure, allowing you to use both hands!

Calibration: What items do I need?

Did you know that the gas sensor type, the size of gas cylinder and the presence or absence of a splash guard all affect the equipment required to conduct a successful calibration of a gas detector?

Refrigerants: Solid State Sensors vs Infrared Sensors

Both solid state and infrared sensor types can be used in refrigeration applications. What are the differences between the two sensor types and which one is better suited for use in which type of application?

Suggested Gas Alarm Setpoints

Sensor Mounting Heights

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Notice of Change

The gas measurement range for all CETCI's combustible sensors (methane, hydrogen, propane) is now 0 - 100% LEL. (It used to be 0 - 50% LEL).

New Applications

Monitoring CO & NO2 in Welding Applications

Monitoring Butane in Marijuana Oil Extraction Applications

Recent Updates

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FCS Installation Manual
FCS Operation Manual

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