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March 2015
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Hands-on Service Training Course - April 27-29
Indoor Swimming Pool Gas Detection Application
Sensor Life Expectancy
How often do gas cylinders need to be replaced?

Fixed Gas Detection vs Portable Gas Monitors

CETCI Training Course   
Hands-on Service Training Course - April 27, 28 & 29

If you would like hands-on training on how to calibrate CETCI gas detectors sign up to take our course here. Other topics covered are gas detection principles, sensor types and technology, wiring procedures, test functions and application examples. For more information, click here.


Indoor swimming pool application   
Indoor Swimming Pool Gas Detection Application

Indoor swimming pools provide exercise and recreational fun for all ages. In addition to complying with indoor air quality regulations and keeping patrons and workers safe, being able to detect a leak when it happens can reduce costs that could be incurred from escaping gas and excess energy uses.


Sensor Life Expectancy Chart   

Sensor Life Expectancy

Sensors have an operational life expectancy, a shelf life for storage and a recommended calibration frequency that is commonly dependent on the type of application and environment. So just how long will a sensor last?


Replacing gas cylinders   

How often do gas cyclinders need to be replaced?

Gas Cylinders are made by different manufacturers, are available in a variety of sizes, can be disposable or refillable and filled with a low, high or pressurized concentration. Typically, three factors affect the shelf life of calibration gas.


Fixed vs Portable    

Fixed Gas Detection vs Portable Gas Monitors

What are the advantages of having a stationary gas detection system versus portable/handheld units? Does one type "hold up" better than the other?

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March 17th we celebrated our 20th Year in business. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our success throughout the years!







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