Guide to Gas Detection & Air Quality Monitoring

Guide to Gas Detection & Air Quality Monitoring

NEW 2016 Guide Coming Soon!

Critical Environment Technologies is currently designing a new family of gas detection products that will offer flexible and robust gas monitoring options for a wide range of applications.

STAY TUNED... A new Product Guide will be available later in 2016.

Meanwhile, perhaps a little out of date but still full of information, you can download the 2012 Product Guide.

For more current information, you can check out individual product datasheets here.

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Download 2012 Product Guide

(not current)

This full-colour guide includes:

  • An overview of gas detection
  • Sensor specification chart
  • Application guide
  • Application sensor selection chart
  • Questions to ask a customer looking for gas detectors
  • Industry abbreviations
  • Sensor mounting heights & locations
  • ...and much more!

Download Guide to Gas Detection & Air Quality Monitoring2012 Guide

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